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About me and my website

I have spent most of the last 20 years regretting things that have been taken away from me by illness and bad luck.  I spend so much time focusing on what I can"t do and what I want to do, but am denied.

Many people say to me "what do you want to do?"  "What can you do?"  It all seems quite hopeless as the things I dream of are mostly not possible.  So here I am trying a different approach.  Within my limitations what can I do?
  • I can gather information
  • I can organise
  • I can share experiences and information
  • I can make things (albeit slowly)
  • I can think.
During my life and illness to date, I have gathered many experiences both in my working a personal life and I want to use this to provide information.

My vision is for a multi faceted site, to house my blog Crafting with ME and also to contain information and resources in the areas important to me;

Much of my site is like a personal filing system as I can never remember where I saw something, or how a recipe turned out or where I bought a product.  Hopefully it will be a useful resource for you too.

The craft page contains my posts about a wide ranage of craft projects I"ve done or seen from others. Again I can never remember where I bought things or saw something I liked, only to never find it again.  I use many websites which are (will be!) on the links page.  Some sites may deserve special mentions. I know many crafty people, perhaps that should be people who craft!  I like the idea of giving some people space to write about themselves and their craft. I"ll also include in the craft section short guest post from fellow crafters. The first one should be coming soon.

In the ME section I include interesting articles, the effects of any 'treatments' I have (they are often quite unexpected) and reviews how ME friendly places are from a local coffee shop to bigger visitor attractions and holiday places.

The disability sections tries to include experiences related to disabled parenting, mobility issues, deafness, mental health problems and issues around support and understanding.

Having food intolerances makes eating very difficult.  I can never remember which recipes and products we have tried and what they were like and where we found them.  eating out is a nightmare, but there area a few good places and they deserve a mention..  This information is in the Food section.

Finally, the discussions section includes a collection of articles and thoughts on a variety of topics.

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