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Timmy we love you

Further to my post yesterday, here is a poem I wrote for Timmy, it’s very basic! There once was a cat called Timmy,With fur all long and fluffy,Such a handsome boy,Everyone loved Timmy And here are some more photos, taken by a photographer friend who specialises in animal photos.

My Beautiful boy

Two weeks tomorrow we had to say goodbye to our beautiful boy, Timmy. he had been with us since March 2000 and we had 19 lovely years with him. He was 9 months old when we got him and saw us through many life events. This just came up on my facebook feed It is certainly true. I spend many …

I lost 4 months to PIP

The dreaded brown envelope, telling that my DLA was ending and that I needed to apply for PIP, landed on my doormat at the end of March. I had been awaiting its arrival for 3 years. It gave me just 3 weeks to apply, 2 of those weeks were school holiday and the form was due back on Easter Monday. …