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I am starting this blog in an effort to get myself motivated to start and finish craft projects and spend less time on computer just looking at ideas and getting fed up because I have so many things I would like to do.

I will be posting pictures of projects underway and things I have waiting to be done, maybe notes about how to go about them and any issues I have with them.

I used to have a website selling handmade cards, ( which since the birth of my daughter has been idle I am hoping once I get this blog going that I will be able to incorporate the two, but it may take some time as I am not that clever with computers, I just tend to waste time on facebook (looking at craft pages, not with friends I have not got friends on it just use it for interests and inspiration), ebay, pinterest and catching up on the news.

I will start with a bit of information about myself.  I am Jane aged 41 and live in Leeds with my husband Rob  and Daughter Emily who is 6.  We have a cat, a hamster and some tropical fish.  I have ME/CFS/FM which means I do not go out to work, looking after Emily and the pets takes most of my energy.

My current projects are a knitted waistcoat for my Mum’s birthday ( less than 2 weeks to finish it) have done the two front pieces and most of the back, just noticed the borders require using a circular needle, not done the before, oh dear!!  This is the pattern and I am doing those colours too

My other main project is a quilt that I am making with Sara from at a monthly class.  I completed a quilt with her last year which can be seen at along with a few of my other creations.

Look forward to posting more, but hoping that this doesn’t keep me away from the craft as another excuse!

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