Oh dear!

Saw a waistcoat in my favourite cafe/shop Rivers Meet the other day succumbed and bought the wool today, the lady was very helpful said she had adapted a pattern, she let me have the pattern but I have top adapt it myself, will take all my brain power I think!  The yarn is Rowan Summer Tweed a mix of silk and cotton.  I have a picture of the one in the shop too so I can see what it should look like, watch this space!!!  Must, must, must finish the one for my mum first its only 8 days until I need to give it to her!  Nothing like a bit of pressure and its school holidays, aggggghhhh.

I really want to get on with making this bracelet http://www.auntiesbeads.com/Spacer-Bar-and-Color-Wheel-Bracelet-VIDEO_p_4133.html I have all the bits just need to find time.

Took my daughter to Easter kids craft at Rivers Meet today, they made an egg shell mosaic picture, very effective, will try and get a picture later.

The waistcoat

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