First engage brain!

Well a day of mistakes today.  Discovered the other day that I needed a circular needle to pick up and knit border on waistcoat, never used one before, but knew I had got some, so no problem!  Last night I was on my own so thought I will get on with that border only to find I have 4 circular needles all the wrong size!

Went to Hobbycraft this morning to buy correct size.  Emily enjoyed making a jigsaw whilst we were in there using a blank jigsaw and some stencils I got the buttons for waistcoat too so a fairly successful trip. Saw this on display in shop it looks very effective and quite simple could be done with children too, I fancied doing a cat shaped one!! Think I will have to start a to do list, it will be rather long.

 I am in a lot of pain with the ME today so went to have a rest after lunch, but due to pain and adrenaline could not settle so thought I would look at the waistcoat and discovered I could sew up and darn in ends lying down 🙂 until I had sewed up shoulders seams ended up with one back to front so unpicked it sewed it again and then discovered both were wrong way round so unpicked them both and gave up!!

Tried to get the blogger application working on my phone, will it work no, took 2 attempts to install and then every time I tried to log in it crashed, so stuff that it got uninstalled again!

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