What a pain!

Been in such a lot of pain today.  Had Physio first thing, not sure if that was good or bad! Rob had to take day off to help me and then Emily has spent most of the day playing next door, still waiting for her to come back, hope she is not being a nuisance, but the peace is nice.

The other pain is picking up the 323 stitches for the waistcoat border, been doing it on and off for 4 hours and not finished yet, I will be seeing stitches in my sleep tonight! I have been having strange dreams so it will probably seem quite normal to me!

Visited Trinity Leeds yesterday, its pretty good and quite easy to get around in the wheelchair.  Emily went to Lego shop and bought heartlake vets that she has been saving up for, my living room currently looks like Lego land. Went to Giraffe  for lunch, nice food, but not much for gluten free diet.

Only negative thing about shopping centre, there is no craft shop, but probably saved me a fortune. Emily wanted to go in the One Direction shop its a bit strange really, but she was happy enough and didn’t ask to buy anything thankfully.

Well my peace is now shattered, night night all.

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