It’s finished and with time to spare.  I am amazed I thought I would never finish the picking up all the way round took such a long time and then it took 1/2 hr to knit each row across all the stitches.  All I need to do now is press it and take a picture and hope it fits!

My pain is bad and I am very woolly headed, not sure if it is the knitting or the demands of the school holidays, probably a bit of both, but mainly the school holidays.

Just got an email from Hobbycraft with some cute pictures of a knitted owl and a knitted hat, but they don’t tell you where to get the patterns, very disappointing, the images link to Pinterest, but it just a search of similar items not those ones, maybe I should email Hobbycraft.

Saw a lovely pattern this morning for a blanket wonder if its too difficult?  Would be nice for a change from knitting clothes and there is no picking up and sewing up which are my weak points.

The lovely Barbara at Rivers Meet is doing a set of classes to improve picking up, sewing up etc, I would love to go, but just can’t manage 7 to 9pm on a Tues. I have tea time club alternate weeks and Emily’s friend to play on the other weeks and long term appts on Tues and Weds morning that just wipe me out.  I will have to hope she runs the classes again soon or maybe she will see me one to one if i am cheeky enough to ask her.

Need to go now can hardly hold my head up, watch this space for picture of waistcoat and my decision about what to make next 🙂

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