Here it is!

The finished waistcoat.  Delivered to my mum at the weekend for her birthday today, she likes it and it fits, big relief!

Got to decide what to do next now, there is the striped waistcoat, but I don’t feel ready to get my head around it yet, need something a bit simpler to do first.  The school holidays and Christening weekend have taken their toll and I am exhausted and run down and in need of plenty of rest this week.

Planning craft for tea time club tomorrow, going to plant cress seeds and make flowers and animals out of kitchen roll tubes.  Well that’s the idea anyway.

I need to get a card made for my Dad’s 70th birthday, I have the pattern to do stitched numbers from Pinbroidery, I like doing them and they are a nice keepsake.  I have done quite a few including birdhouse, peacock, fan and other animals from Stitching cards and a beautiful beaded heart from Prick n stitch.

These are the ones I have pictures of, my photography is not great!

I also need to finish my block before this weeks quilting class only got a couple of strips to cut and sew, but it feels like too much effort at the moment.

Will keep you posted!!

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