Did it

Well I think I have anyway, it looks ok, not perfect, but hopefully acceptable will have to wait for Sarah verdict tomorrow.  I make so many silly mistakes don’t know if it’s down to the ME concentration and cognitive issues (brainfog) or if I am just daft!  I find it difficult to follow patterns and recipes and have to read them over many times for it to sink in and even then I can totally muck it up or easily get distracted and some things just never seem to sink in no matter how many times I read instructions or am showed what to do.  If Emily gets a new game I can never understand what the instruction are saying and have to get Rob to explain it to me and play the game through to get it right, Emily understands better than me.

Well this is the finished block its a bit wonky fingers crossed it will be ok.

Easter egg picture that Emily made at Rivers Meet craft sessions, she gave to to friends Brenda and Geoff who had just had their dog put to sleep RIP Kaz.  Picture is of Kaz on Rob’s knee, must be quite old as we don’t have that sofa any more.

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