Oh no!

I have just messed up my log cabin block on last piece so had to undo quite a bit hoping I can salvage it.  I knew I should have done it straight after the class whilst I could remember what I was doing 🙁

Just trying to psyche myself up to trying again.

Just seen a Sewing table, we have been trying to think of a way of making our little bedroom into a bit of a craft room, but also need a bed in there.  Looked at beds similar the the one Emily has and could only find this one which would fit, but it won’t take the weight of a big adult.  The sewing table does not take up a lot of room and could be kept in little bedroom, but its in casters so could be wheeled into room with best light eg emily’s room if needed.  Would need a chair, but the folding one Emily has is actually very comfy so could get another of those and then could just get a cabin bed instead.

Well better get back to the quilt block it won’t cut and sew itself.

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  1. Jane Shaw Reply

    No idea why most of this appears in a different font, tried to change it and does not work, something else to confuse me, does not take much!

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