Pain, pain go away……..

And preferably don’t come back another day!

My pain is getting very bad and even with strong painkillers does not subside much.  A lot of it is my own fault.  Doing the craft with the children at the tea time club is a killer as I stand too much, but its not possible to sit down and be of any use to them! I am also having problems hearing the children as there is a lot of noise, I struggle to hear speech at the best of times and its not really fair to the children I like doing it, but always pay for it and I don’t want to let anyone down or feel that I always have to give things up 🙁  I have also had the Christening this week and walked more than I should, but did not want to go in my wheelchair, would have made me look very pathetic, especially with elderly relatives managing better than me!!

I have wondered if the vitamin D I have been taking could be making the pain worse, but all the evidence seems to suggest it should make it better if anything.  Its the last tablet today so will see if it makes any difference when I don’t take them.

I have lost confidence in being able to do the stripy waistcoat at the moment, I need to speak to Barbara at Rivers Meet craft shop but she is only in Tues, Weds and Thurs and I will be there tomorrow for my monthly quilting class with Sarah so of course Barbara won’t be there and I can’t go in on the days she is there for a few weeks, wonder if I could write her a note or is that being too cheeky?

I need to get my quilting out and finish of the block started last month, hope I can remember what I need to do, I intended to do it straight after the class, but did not get chance and now its the day before the next class, where does the time go?

Started a Shaun the Sheep knitted toy last night, it was given to me ages ago for a present and I started it and made a mistake so then lost interest.  Decided to start again and got it right so far this time, its quite fiddly as its done on very narrow needles with fluffy wool.  Emily wants to know who it is for, but then said she wants it, I don’t have any other ideas, she will probably expect me to have it finished by time she gets in from school, she might have a long wait.

Well writing blogs wont get the quilt block made either so I had better get on move on.

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