So upset

I am very upset this morning as I am not well enough to go to the quilting class.  Having had less than 4 hours sleep and already being exhausted anyway its just a step to far.  It makes me feel so useless and upset that I have to sacrifice something I want to do because of the need to be able to manage the daily routine which already pushes me to my limits.

Rob has taken Emily to school and I am heading back to bed.  At least I have a good book to read Torey Hayden’s twilight children, its sad but very interesting and appeals to me because its the sort of work I would love to have been able to do (play therapy) before the stupid ME came along.  I have read many of her books she is a very interesting lady and her work truly amazing

Shaun the sheep now has a body, I am using a Patons Shaun kit he is only small.  I also have a Pooh Bear kit, but he is bigger, I have had it for years along with many pooh cross stitch kits, I love Pooh Bear.  I do have a latch hook rug on the wall in spare bedroom, I bought it to do myself but it was too difficult my hands were not strong enough so I had to get someone to finish it for me.

Off to curl up with my book and hopefully catch up on a bit of rest so that I can face the weekend.

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