Getting Nowhere Fast

Well the weekend seemed to pass in a blur, so much happening and so little energy combined with tantrums from Emily who is 6 and getting bossier and stroppier by the day and generally making life exhausting. She also talks absolutely non stop which is exhausting in itself. Makes me feel like such useless Mum.  I am trying to work out how to improve things and get her to tell me about things, but its hard without putting words into her mouth.

My craft seems to be taking a back seat at the moment, got the card pattern pricked, but need good light to stitch and just haven’t had time during the day.  Had an appt this morning and have one Thurs too and tea time club tomorrow so there not much scope for getting it done, I will be pushing to the last minute as usual.

Have ordered a couple of craft tables though, spent lots of money so need to make good use of them when they arrive. Table one, table 2, they are both designed to hold a sewing machine and both fold away for storage and are both portable so won’t be using dining table or computer desk now.  I really like the chair but its not available in this country and does seem rather pricey.

Went to craft fair at Rivers Meet yesterday, lots of lovely items, so tempting.  Got a flower head band and flower crocheted necklace for Emily, which I am sure will just get added to her collection and not worn.  Also got her a little gardening bag from Hobnob and button, with little gardening gloves and a pink spade.  Also loved the bags of juggling bean bags and the wigwam, but really could not buy more.  Bought chutney from Carr Houses of Methley there was no apricot and amaretto jam this time, very disappointing  hopefully next time, its delicious.

Off to rest now to try and get some energy for school pick up.

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