Never Make Plans

After a busy day yesterday tidying up and doing tea time club, I was planning to sit quietly and do some of the stitched card today.  No chance have been up half the night with Emily coughing and now she is off school.  Normally Rob would come home early, but today he is in London so its just me all day.  Its very difficult to get through the day without a rest and I am in pain and have a sore throat myself, but Emily’s needs come first.

Tea time club was quieter last night, and the craft activity went well, thanks to Donna’s great idea for a little blow football game which I had not been able to think of and it was great to have something the boys could get into, craft always seems to be a lot more girly and the boys get bored.  It was easier to help them and give them attention last night and being quieter some of the other helpers were on hand so it was a much calmer evening, don’t think I would have survived a busier one.

So yet again the card will have to wait, will be pushing it to get it done in time, but I need to be on my own to concentrate on it.  might get a bit of Shaun knitted whilst Emily watching TV.

Worried about the appt I have tomorrow, the person I have to see is already being awkward and says I am not committed to the appt, because I had to change the appts due to school holidays, this meant that I did not get my proper asseessment appt and have lost some of my entitlement to further appts, but I was not told this when I changed appts.  if I have to cancel tomorrow I might as well give up and then I get a black mark for not trying!  Not sure who is being awkward really, I was offered an appt at 8.55 I have to drop Emily at school at 8.50 so said I could not get there until just after 9, so was told I will just have to have a shorter appt if I can’t get there for the right time.  I really get the feeling that she is being awkward not me, I often find this as people have preconceived ideas about ME/CFS and just brand us as lazy and not wanting to help ourselves.  I have waited 10 years for the appt so am very cross with her attitude, but don’t actually expect it to be much help if that is her attitude.

Oh dear rant over better go and sit with Emily she keeps shouting me and its not fair to ask her to keep waiting.

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