Can’t get moving

Oh what a tiring week, but then show me one that isn’t.  I have so many ideas, so many things I want to do and get done, but seriously lack the energy and just seem to end up sitting in front of computer because everything else feels like too much effort, then get annoyed because I have not done anything useful.

Was asked to run a craft stall at school summer fair, but had to say no, I know it would be too much and I have nothing made.  I want to make some stuff, but don’t know what to make, I am interested in so many things, but don’t excel at anything and certainly don’t get things done fast.

Nice to have some warmer weather and sun, but resting during the day is harder as I feel I am missing out, its easier to snuggle up and rest when it grey and cold outside.

Emily is getting better she is doing a sponsored climbing wall at school today.  I don’t think the kids realised till this morning how high the wall was.  Well its more like a stack, I did not have my phone with me so could not get a picture will have to hope its still there later.  Would liked to have gone to watch, but did not get given the chance. Picture of climbing wall.

Did a bit more of the stitched card yesterday it now has a number 3 and half a 0 stitched, quite a bit more to do.  Not sure if it is showing up enough on the black card though so might not be able to use it in the end 🙁 and won’t have time to do another.

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