Bad to worse, its madness

Emily has been poorly for nearly 2 weeks with a cold, sore throat and cough.  She was only off school last Weds morning she decided to go in for the afternoon.  Then on Tuesday she came out of school in tears she had fallen over and grazed her knees, hit her nose and had nose bleed and had started with earache, when we got home she had a high temperature.  She had a friend with her so we had to arrange for her to go home, so all in all Emily was not happy.  We managed to get her a Drs appt and she has an ear infection, she was given prescription for anti biotics but told not to get it for a few days, but I decided to get it yesterday as she can’t shake the cough, if she just had the earache I would have waited a bit longer.  It was all a bit manic as Rob was on a train home from London and I had Emily crying so had to get Rob to phone the drs and the vets as Timmy was waiting to be collected at the time we got the drs appt for.  Rob met us at the drs so he was able to collect Timmy he is really heavy in his box.  Timmy now has bald patches as he had bad matts in his fur, they have got most of them out, but he has to go back again next week as he got to grumpy for them to do it all!!

Emily says she is ok for school today, but I worry about sending her back too early.  I have an appt I need to go to so need her to go its all very frustrating.  Rob said he could change things at work if need be, but has gone off to work before Emily is ready so things could still go pear shaped.

We are in the process of sorting out the little bedroom to be decorated, it was the first room we did when we moved in over 13 years ago.  The wallpaper is plasticky and is a nightmare to get off, we have someone coming to put new paper on, but we have to get the old off and have had to clear the room.  The bed was taken away yesterday, but a new one is coming on Friday and decorator supposed to be here next week, but he is hard to pin down.  Took skirting off so need to put new on before decorator and just discovered huge gaps around window which need filling and still got cupboards and shelves to take off wall.  The whole house in in chaos as Barbara (PA) is off sick and I have no idea how long she will be off, so I am trying to keep on top of washing, tidying etc.  Rob booked yesterday off as they were coming for the bed and he intended to get room sorted, but ended up most of the day on the phone as we had a huge list of people we needed to contact and then he had to sit with Emily whilst I had a rest, so things are not really going to plan at the moment.

We have also got involved with things for the school PTA and plans for the school fair on June 22nd.  It seems to far away for me, but of course they have to plan, I have lots of ideas but not the energy to help which is what they need.

We have booked a weekend in Blackpool for my birthday/anniversary, just over a month to go, feel like I need all that month in bed to be able to face it. Card stitching going very slowly, need to finish by weekend, agggghhhhhh and then start the next one.  Whenever I do something with a deadline things go wrong and I think I have given myself plenty of time, but then its always a last minute rush.

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