Lots of pain today, feeling very tired and dizzy, its my own fault for overdoing it at the weekend, but sometimes things just need to be done whatever.

Emily decided the other night that she would like to make things to raise money for her school and poor children. As the school Summer fair is coming up I suggested to the PTA that the children could all be asked to make things to sell or their own stall. The PTA has said yes, Emily is very excited, I am worried about getting too involved and letting people down. It is quite a surprise that Emily has asked to make things, she usually shows no interest (think we made too many things when she was younger!).

I think she was inspired by Sunday school who were talking about Christian Aid and selling things to raise money, just hope she keeps it up and we get some things to sell.

My mind is working over time, we could do this that and the other, but need to keep it in check.

Got the card posted yesterday, now got to start the 70, 10 days to do it in, watch this space!

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