Quilting class

Its my quilting class again tomorrow, only once a month, but it soon comes round, I missed last month through being too ill, got fingers firmly crossed for tomorrow, well not too firmly cos I don’t want them to be too sore to sew.  Will have to get my stuff out later and choose what fabrics to use for this months blocks, they look rather complicated to me! They are called Drunkard’s Path and orange peel and I have to cut and sew round the bend, I should be good at that!!!!

The decorating is nearly finished, so hopefully we can get back to normal over the weekend, whatever normal might be.

My other craft table has arrived, its in two boxes, I hope that is right, will be a few days before I can get it out and have a look.  Used the other table for first time yesterday, its very sturdy, but heavy and difficult to lock legs in place, also I thought it had castors on to make it easier to move around, but it doesn’t so won’t be as helpful as I hoped, unless I can get some wheels.  I have just emailed the company to see if it possible to attach wheels to the one I have.

Nearly school pick up time yet again its threatening rain so can’t use my scooter, need a way of getting rid of some of Emily’s energy, might take her down to pet shop to see kittens if she is good and does not get me to buy one.

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