Gone round the bend!

Well I made it to quilting class and sewed the curves so I have now officially gone round the bend!

I did have to leave before the end of the session though as I felt too sick and dizzy and in pain to continue, but I completed my drunkards path

and got the pieces cut for my orange peel, watch this space! Once Sarah had showed me how to sew the curves it was quite easy and cutting out was with scissors which for me is easier than using the cutting blade and ruler which I find physically hard work.
The class are all doing their own thing so I don’t hold anyone up by not keeping up so its great for me (not found the smileys yet!)
I am now exhausted and despite 2 hours laid down this afternoon I am ready for bed now, its tough to balance the things I want to do and need to do and not get too worn out or feeling ill and I don’t think i will ever achieve that balance.  I try to be as ‘normal’ as possible, but still feel very limited.
When I watched the British Sewing Bee I was amazed by the 81 year old winner Ann, the stamina they needed was a lot to expect  even of a much younger person and it made me feel very inadequate.  It was a great programme, looking forward to series two.  I have a dress cut out to sew for Emily which I need to sew, she will have grown out of it by the time I get round to it, I take on far too many projects and most of them lie idle.
Just found a link to add smiley’s so will post this now just in case I mess it all up!

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