Day of extremes

Had a lovely visit to Rivers Meet for a health and beauty event.  Emily and I had nails painted and bought some bath bombs, soap and plants.  Emily was a little angel O:) It was a nice event, but difficult walking round and driving there and back, its not far, but far enough!

When we got back Emily went outside to play with the children next door, she refused to come in for lunch.  After not seeing her all afternoon because they were playing she then threw a tantrum at tea time and refused to come in and then went absolutely crazy  >:) when we said it was bath time, took nearly an hour to calm her down and get her inside, not much fun and a complete change from this morning.

Went to meet next doors new baby granddaughter, she is only 3 days old, you forget how tiny and cute they are. The mum of the baby has ME too, so it brings it all back and I would do it again despite all the difficulties, babies are so special and each one a miracle.  Its hard seeing new babies though and accepting that I can’t have any more children.  Everywhere I go there are babies or pregnant women, or at least that’s how it seems.

Have not managed any craft this weekend, but I now have my sewing cabinet upstairs and my sewing machine inside it 🙂 no excuses for not finishing my next quilting block now, except for lack of time and energy.  I must get on with the card tomorrow, seen some lovely examples of what other people have stitched on stitching cards facebook, mine will never look as good as those, there are so many clever people and amazing crafts out there, I feel like I am only tinkering and will never be that good at any of them 

Was thinking about respite last night, I usually go to Fountains Court in Scarborough once a year for a break, but its hard to fit it in and justify it and its not really fair to Rob as he does not get a chance to do the same and its not really fair on Emily either, she accepted it when she was younger, but I don’t think she would now and her behaviour would be awful on my return, so its probably not worth it, would be nice though in a perfect world.

Well better go now Emily is settled in bed and it won’t be long until I am in bed too (:|

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