Insomnia oh joy

Been in bed nearly 3 hours and still wide awake. Was very tired and in pain so came to bed, but after having my hair cut and going out I am do destined not to sleep. My head is spinning I have terrible tinnitus and lots of pain 🙁
Well thats what happens after a busy week and having hair cut always makes things worse, weird our what? Need to slow down, school holidays again soon, but easier said than done and even day to day stuff is exhausting.
Finished stitching numbers on card but thats less than halfway. Emily told me I need to get on with it so it is ready by friday, but then if I pick it up she wants something, not very helpful.
Keep trying to get Emily making more stuff for summer fair, she is losing interest after getting me to sort it out, hope we get some other interest or I’m going to look rather stupid.

Had a nice lunch at Granary in Tadcaster they had gluten free bread 🙂 🙂  Emily was very good and for a change we had a nice time.

Loving the smileys after finding very simple instructions, the first site I found the instructions were too complicated.  Need to find a list of how to type all the smiley faces now here it is I can have fun now 😀 😉
 hehe, does not take much to amuse me!! They don’t all work, but still cool.

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