Aggggghhhh snakes!

I am going to make snake finger puppets and let them dip biscuits in chocolate and sprinkles at tea time club tonight, could be a messy one.  I printed the plain snakes so they could decorate themselves, I had planned for the children to cut out their own, but Emily said she found it quite difficult on the first one she tried and she is quite dexterous so decided I had better cut them out, so now I am trying to cut out about 20 snakes as we have no idea how many will be there, probably done about 10 8-|

Feeling sick and dizzy and generally yuck :-& , hope I feel better than this later.

Saw this last night, fancy having a go, but will be rather messy. Need a trip to Leeds Play Resource Centre for empty film canisters 😀

Off to cut more snakes.

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