I won something!!

I have just won a copy of a book called Magician from Good reads.  Not sure if its my sort of thing but will give anything a go.

Whatever is going on with the weather?  Its so cold this morning, got a snow warning in the car, just 3c, is it really the end of May?

I am trying to drum up support for the school fair, its a big event and we really need for it to go well to give the school a much needed boost to morale. Emily’s idea was accepted by the PTA so just waiting for letters to go out to tell the children about it, I hope they like the idea. It is an outdoor event though so the current weather is rather depressing, we have a month to go, so really hoping for an improvement by then.

Still feeling sick and dizzy today, think it will be another day mostly lying down and reading or finishing card.

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