I have finished the card, yay just in time.

As ever my photography lets me down and I could not work out how to crop the image to get rid of the background so you get a nice view of the rain on the windows too!!  I am pleased with the card, the numbers would have been clearer if read the instructions properly they do fade into the background a bit.  Think I also need to work on presentation as mine are very simple, sometimes simple works, but there are some very impressive things out there that make me feel like mine are so basic a quick search shows these amazing examples.  The pattern for this card came from Pinbroidery.

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0 thoughts on “TaDa!

  1. Jane Reply

    This is a beautiful card Jane, well done!
    I've just found your blog and read it with much interest from beginning to end as I too have ME (although not as bad as you) and make cards!
    I can relate to so much of what you say and your idea to write a book that children can understand is brilliant for when you're feeling up to it. Jane x

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