Deep breaths!

Feeling calmer now, though still very dizzy and sick.  Just written some more of the book whilst Emily and Rob are playing on the Wii.  Wii is far to energetic for me, makes me dizzy just watching, mind you looking at computer is doing that too, so better keep this short.

Hoping for an earlyish night to be as good as possible for tomorrow’s adventure, but need to speak to Rob about the earlier anxieties which won’t be easy and not beat thing to do before bed, but have to wait until Emily in bed.  I go to bed only about an hour after her so its not easy to fit things in and get relaxing time with Rob.

Well better go and see who is winning on the Wii.  Emily is a poor loser she got upset with me earlier when I won Ludo and forgot that she beat me at it several times yesterday.  Have not heard any arguing so assume all is either in Emily’s favour or evenly matched or she is in a more charitable mood!

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