Well the weekend went a bit crazy.  Rob had to rush off to Sheffield to help family so I had Emily on my own after the manic school holidays!  Emily was upset that Rob dashed off unexpectedly. We went a bit mad playing in the garden with bubbles and then going down into town with my scooter.  We had lunch in Morrisons and got a present for Emily’s friend, so it was quite productive despite being very tiring.  Emily went to Pat for a a bit in the afternoon and Rob was able to come back earlier than I expected him to.  As it was a nice day and Rob was back we decided to go to the family party at Holy Trinity.  There were only 2 other families there, but we had great fun. I seriously over did it.

Yesterday I came down to earth with a bump and felt awful, was either in bed or lying on floor most of the day 🙁 Had to get up to go to Elephant Bridesmaid at the theatre.  It was quite simple to follow, lucky as I could not hear it!  Emily was a bit whiny but seemed to enjoy it, she just hates having to sit still and in the dark.  Emily got upset later as I could not go and play out in the garden with her, but watched her through window chasing bubbles and playing on climbing frame.

Thankfully its back to school today, but only a 4 day week this week.  Its always a mad rush in a morning getting everything ready and getting Emily to eat breakfast and get dressed.

Excited about getting new hearing aids this week.  I am fed up of not being able to hear, I misheard everyone who spoke to me this morning #o feel so silly, so hoping new aids make things a bit less stressful.  Think my ear infection is making things worse too, but its not painful now so that’s something.

Got physio later, looking forward to that to ease some of the pain and stiffness, just have to wait and see how I react to it though, sometimes even though stiffness is better it makes pain worse at first 8|

Wow its so quiet, house all to myself :$

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