Another manic week

Feel like it has been another crazy hectic week.  Rob has been out two evenings for school related meetings and today Emily’s school is closed and she has so much energy.

On a more positive note my pain has been less this week after Physio on Monday, even after planting plants out in garden which was exhausting, but needed to be done before they died.  Had to get Rob to water them all though and now they need doing again.  Had some little trees to plant and got Emily and kids from next door to do the digging and watering of those.  The others were little plugs so did not need digging just little holes to put them in, but still nearly killed me and Emily did not want to help 🙁

Showed Emily the book and she can read it and likes it, but don’t think she really relates it to reality.  Still trying to work out how to post it on here.

Bought Emily a tiger tent she has been playing in it and had here lunch in it, but it now has a hole in it so need to make a repair.  She says she wants to sleep in it later.

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