Well after initial good impression of hearing aids I am having issues now as they don’t fit properly and move meaning I cannot hear as well and my ears are also sore 🙁  The audiologist thinks I would be better with custom moulds, but that is an extra cost, not sure what to do, I want to be able to hear the best I can, but can’t cope with costs mounting up.

Saw this quilt the other day would love to make something like that, I love Pooh bear. As usual so many ideas and not enough time and energy.

Having to cancel appts and cut back on commitments to enable me to cope with every day demands and try and be more focused on Emily and make life a bit more peaceful.

Has fun with Emily with bits of kitchen roll and food colouring last night making patterns like this and she also made a kaleidascope that she had seen on her finger tips dvd.  Off to finish off some of the stuff Emily has made for school fair.  Want to print labels but my labels app has disappeared :-/

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