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Just come a cross a  new (to me) site Fabri Crafts.  Some great fabrics and look at this quilt and matching storage box, oh no and cat fabric too, so tempting magical cats and another.  Will have to see if I get any birthday money this weekend! Loving this one too, love the blacks and brights that what I am using for my quilt if I ever get it done, progress has stalled at the moment.

Still having issues with the hearing aids they both fell out this morning, I am now worried I might lose them and keep pushing them in to make sure they stay in!

Saw my dad last night, he looked generally well, but he is confused, but knows he is confused and is not walking.  The Neurologist is supposed to be seeing him and my Mum and brother this afternoon so will see if they have anything useful to say.

Staff were not terribly helpful and complained when we asked them to take him to toilet as it was handover time and then they did not know what to do with him.  Nurse I spoke to would not give me much information either.

He cannot walk at the moment, although no one knows why and they are not making any effort to try and get him to walk, he would do it with encouragement, but he makes it difficult for people trying to help him so they just don’t bother.  They made him use a urine bottle in the bed as they did not want to try getting him out of bed.  Its very frustrating to see.

Spent the morning spring cleaning the hamster cage, hamster now annoyed cos I have moved some of his things around and everything is clean and tidy!!  Pets seem to be in charge today, cat was then sick on the carpet and we have a dying fish which has now disappeared!!  Just watching the birds outside mummy sparrow feeding a baby sparrow and not a bit bothered by the huge pigeon sat next to them!!

Off for a rest now and to read some more of a book I got in library yesterday Parenting your Defiant Child it seems a useful book and hoping that it will help solve some of the conflict and tantrums.

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