As usual when we have been busy I feel awful, its feels like a punishment for trying to have fun or do something different.

I can now post pic of the only craft thing I have done recently

An anniversary card for my husband, it was our 12th wedding anniversary yesterday.
Very upset that the kids craft stall is now not happening at the school fair as no one else has shown an interest.  But glad that I won’t have to sit there all afternoon helping out.  I have not told Emily yet and need to decide what to do with the things she has made.  She wanted to make them to raise money for poor children, I persuaded her that the school fair might work better, so now got to work out how to sell them.  i have a website that I could sell through, but adding postage on will put people off and I can’t cover all the postage and donate money to charity.  There is selling to family and friends, but then you are just asking the same people for money all the time which is not really fair.  Emily said she would set up a stall in the street, but as we live at the end of a cul de sac we don’t get a lot of passing traffic or pedestrians.
Think its off to bed for me now.

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