What a crazy weekend

I had to get myself out of bed to go to the school fair, it was a good event and nice that the weather held for us.  Good to see so many people, but as ever felt out of it because of using scooter and not being able to hear properly and not really able to join in things.  Emily was delighted that her baby cousin came along and went around showing her off to all her friends. She loves babies and gets very upset that she does not have any siblings, which in turn makes it hard for me.  Will post a pic later if Isla’s mum says its ok.  Isla is so cute and a happy baby, Emily was like that too, can’t believe its 6 years ago.  It was 7 years last week when I found out I was pregnant with Emily on my 35th birthday, where does the time go?

School fair raised £1500 =D>  Hoping it boosts the spirits a bit after what has been a tough year.

After school fair we went off to Sheffield to visit family which was hectic as ever.  Yesterday visited my dad in hospital. He is a bit better, but we are frustrated at lack of care and treatment and lack of information being given to us.  the nurse who was on yesterday was better and did chat with us and admitted that much of the stuff we told him they did not know about and they assumed that Dad was always as they see him now, which is not true.

Its been a crazy weekend and I feel far from well, but I don’t have time to be ill at the moment, just have to keep pushing limits and hope that I can get through somehow.

Think I will sit quietly and do a few rows of knitting now, don’t get much chance.  Its either that or hang the washing up and feel too weak for that at the moment.  No help today so will have to face washing at some point 8-|

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