Cuteness Alert!

Here is the picture of Emily and Isla

How cute is that baby?!

Not feeling great today, very tired and in pain. Rested as much as I could. Emily had friend round for tea, they entertained themselves, but I still had to feed them. Made a very simple fish pie for them. Barbara peeled potatoes so I just needed to cook and mash them (new masher is good does not need too much effort) then cooked fish in microwave. Difficult to tell if fish is cooked and I can’t taste it because fish makes me really ill 8-| :-&

Waiting to hear today’s instalment from hospital. We were told yesterday that Dad has Parkinson’s. It is not a great shock, but something we have to come to terms with and work out how to manage it. Hospital staff are useless. I am as usual feeling useless at being 40 miles away and not able to get there as much as I would like.

Emily and Rob have gone to the park. Emily wanted me to go, but its getting too cold. Wish I could do these things its very disheartening and I will get the ratty Emily for bed and bath.

Managed a few rows of the waistcoat, its grows quite fast and is looking ok so far.

Its quilting class on Friday, I have not finished or even looked at last months homework. Worried I won’t be able to get to the class, but will just have to see what I can do on Friday. I wanted to use my new sewing machine bag should make carrying machine about a bit easier. What an exciting life I lead 8-|

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