When rest is not restful!

Well was supposed to be a day of rest today, but more like a day of physical rest but over active mind.

I realised yesterday when talking to someone about work, that I have not worked for 13 years, and also realised the last time I worked I was 29, I began work when I was 16 so I have now not worked as many years as I did work, how depressing.  Many people say oh lucky you not working, but its not through choice and it means that we don’t have as much money as our contemporaries, plus being ill and needing help etc is costly.  The worst thing though is not the lack of money, but the lack of identity, the lack of self esteem.  I feel that at 42 I will never have a job as all my qualifications and experience are out of date and there would not be much I could do.  I could work if there was something I could do for an hour a day at home, never seen one like that 8-|

Its time to go and fetch Emily now, wonder what sort of a day she will have had and will she be hyper or worn out.

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