We love Whitebox

Well after resting most of Friday I still ended up in bed for a big chunk of Sunday.  Mainly because we went to the theatre on Saturday morning and then later on I had my hair cut and coloured which always makes me ill 🙁

Managed to get up to go to photo session with Whitebox and got some more great photos.  We have been many times before and were welcomed like old friends and Emily made star of the show as ever.  We are very grateful to Whitebox as the session we had booked we had to cancel at short notice due to my Dad being rushed into hospital and we fully expected to lose our money and the session as per terms and conditions, but they very kindly allowed us to reschedule for no extra cost.  We got some great photos, despite me being in pain later from sitting on the hard floor, it was worth it.  It was even more amazing as Emily had been throwing a tantrum and saying she did not want to go just half an hour before we set off!  As you can see in the photos she is having a great time.

We are already booked in for Christmas!
Been a busy morning so far with Physio and carer to wash my hair and then have blood test later!  Hoping that Physio keeps pain down as it did last time.  Not as much rest time today due to blood test appt.
Is it really July 1st?  Its cold and pouring with rain 🙁  Apparently it is going to be nice by the weekend.  The worlds weather seems to have gone mad with massive heat waves in Las Vegas whilst we are freezing and have to expect wet summers for the next 10 years!  I bought some new summer shoes the other day with my birthday money from my sister in law, but wonder if I will get to wear them?
No chance for any craft activities, but Emily says she wants bracelets for her teachers, 3 of them and cards too so need to get going on them.  Its music group concert on Wednesday and sports day next Thursday so the count down to summer holidays is beginning.  Sounds like the school trip went well and Emily wants to go again, so its something we can do sometime.

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