ME and Mummy and ME

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ME and Mummy and ME

My mummy has two of me, the first is me Emily.  The second is an illness called ME, said M.E which is short for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.

Mummy has had the ME 10 years longer than she has had me.  The ME is like a part of our family.


The ME makes Mummy very poorly.  She feels very tired all the time. She has lots of pain. She feels sick and dizzy and lots of other things too.

You cannot see the ME so my mummy looks the same as any other Mummy.  The ME makes it difficult for her to do normal things.


Mummy cannot walk very far because of the ME.  She has to drive me to school and park very close to school.  This makes Mummy sad. 

Mummy knows that it would be better for us to walk and get exercise and fresh air.  Mummy likes walking and would like to do it, but the ME won’t let her.


If we need to walk Mummy uses a wheelchair or a mobility scooter.  The scooter is not like my scooter that I stand on. It is like a chair on wheels and has a motor to drive it.  Sometimes I say that I am tired and need to sit on Mummy’s knee.  I am too big and heavy to do that now.  Mummy has to say no.


The ME means Mummy needs to get lots of sleep and rest.  When I am at school Mummy has a rest before she collects me.  At weekends Mummy has a rest in the afternoon and I do things just with my Daddy

It is very difficult for Mummy in school holidays.  I get to see other people like Grandma and Pat so Mummy can have a rest.  It makes Mummy sad that she has to rest and cannot spend all day with me. 
Mummy goes to bed just after I go to bed.


If we go out the ME means it is very tiring and hard work for Mummy.  

She always tries very hard. 
It means that she gets a lot of pain and feels more poorly. 
Mummy sometimes gets upset because she can’t do the things she wants to do. 

Sometimes Mummy gets upset because she has tried to do too much and feels very poorly.


Barbara helps with jobs in the house. 
Sharon and Tracey wash Mummy’s hair because she cannot use her arms properly because of the ME. 
If the people who help are not there Mummy has to do the things and it is hard for her. 
If I help Mummy it makes it easier.  Help means that Mummy can do more things with me.  But it doesn’t mean I always help!


Daddy has to cook meals.  Mummy sometimes does easy baking with me.  I have to do all the mixing and help to clean up.  It is easier for Mummy if she can sit down.  Mummy needs help to follow the recipe so sometimes we need Daddy’s help. Mummy likes cooking, but the ME won’t let her


I am very noisy and have a lot of energy.  This can be hard for Mummy. 
Mummy cannot run around with me.  Mummy can play sitting down games with me. 
Mummy likes making things.  We can make some things together.  


If there is a lot of mess Mummy cannot clean it up and we have to wait for Barbara or Daddy to help. 
Sometimes Mummy does the cleaning and tidying herself.  It makes her very poorly.  If she does this she cannot do as many nice things. 
Sometimes it makes Mummy angry.  

Sometimes it makes Mummy cry.

With Mummy I like doing……..
It makes me feel…………..
With Mummy I don’t like ………..
It makes me feel……………………….


I get angry when Mummy cannot play outside with me.  

I get angry when Mummy cannot come to find me every time I shout for her.  Sometimes I am naughty and shout Mummy a lot.  This is not good for Mummy.  Mummy gets upset with me and the ME. 


Sometimes I don’t really understand what Mummy can do.  It is not because Mummy is saying no to what I want, it is because of the ME. I get upset if Mummy needs to have a rest when I have been naughty.
Sometimes the ME makes mummy really poorly and she needs to spend more time in bed.  This makes Mummy and me very upset.


There are lots of things that Mummy cannot do because of the ME.
My Mummy does not go to work.  This means Mummy is always at home for me. 
Mummy cannot pick me up, but we can have lots of cuddles.  

The ME makes Mummy sad.  Mummy does not like the ME.

I can make Mummy smile.  

Mummy always loves me
The End

Well I am worn out after sorting all this.

I hope it displays ok, it looks much better as a booklet.  There are a few issues with HTML tags, but it would be too hard for me to find them all and take them out 8-|

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