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I really need to get on with the teacher bracelets only a week to go, but had such a hectic weekend I can’t do it now.  I am exhausted and have had no voice or very little voice since Saturday 🙁

Having new internal doors fitted today so no chance of rest.  Glad the sun is shining and I can sit in the fresh air.

Emily came home from school the other day to tell me she had been shown how to French knit using a cardboard cut into a hexagon and then with slits cut into the long edges and a hole in the middle, its really easy and works well and amazingly Emily will sit and do it!!  I have been trying to remember for years how to do the French knitting with bobbin, but this is much easier and I never did remember or work it out.  She wanted me to show her how to ordinary knit, but she did not have the patience and would not listen to my instructions so that was short lived!  The girl across the road who we give a lift to school was doing finger knitting the other day, never done that but it looks cool.  Emily says I have to teach her that, but I have never done it and cannot follow instructions at the moment.

Visited my grandma at the weekend, her niece was visiting, she used to make and fit soft furnishings for a living and was very good at it.  She had brought a huge bag of fabric for me to have, there is some fantastic stuff and all great quality, much better than I could ever afford.  I have taken what I like and gave the rest to Rob’s mum as she makes craft items to fundraise for Sheffield Children’s Hospital.  Also gave me a book Crazy Patchwork looks cool!

I would really like to make a cushion and or bag next, like this and this  or this or this.

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