Fed up of being disabled!

I am really upset this morning.  Parking near any school is a nightmare and I need to be able to park as near as possible to be able to walk my daughter in.  In a morning I usually go in the school car park, but there has been no room past couple of days and it would mean me having to reverse out of the gate across the children still arriving for school, so I have been parking up on the kerb by a footpath.  It is not the best place to park I agree, but it does not block the path and people are able to walk around my car and we asked the local police and they said it was not a problem.  I know plenty of people complain about it, but its the only way I can drop my daughter off.  This morning I was asked by one of the parents not to park there as he thought it was too dangerous (not as dangerous as reversing out of car park in my view) and asked if they had a disabled space in the car park.  I told him they did not and that we had had lots of discussions with school and the council who both said there was nowhere to have a space therefore they were not obliged to provide one.  He said he found that hard to believe!!  So now with one week left of term I have nowhere to park!  So do I park further away and risk not being able to walk all the way and making myself more ill than I already am?  Do I forget the car and use scooter, which is a bit of a hassle due to parked cars and lack of dropped curbs, and I have to move my own car in order to get the scooter out of the drive!  Do I employ someone to take my daughter to and from school?  I need to drive tonight as I have tea time club straight after school and then need to take Emily’s friend straight home.  I am already exhausted and don’t need all this hassle.

Had my SDS audit last night, it gets so complicated, another joy of being disabled.

As I have had very little sleep and need to be ok for tea time club I am now going back to bed, but I don’t think I will be able to rest.

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