Not a happy bunny today.  I am not able to go to quilting class again as not well enough.  I would not have been able to get to the class and carry my stuff in let alone do anything or follow instructions.  I am really disappointed,but can’t risk not being able to do school pick up or having to be in bed all weekend, I am not happy as had to miss the last one too and next one is in middle of school holidays so not sure if I will make that one either even though Rob has booked day off.

I am really upset about school parking as one of the dad’s told me off the other day for where I parked and I cannot get in school car park at the moment as it is over capacity.  Rob spoke to new head teacher and he agrees it should be dealt with, but he has his hands tied and can’t sort anything until Sept!  He said last night if it was up to him he would go outside with a can of paint!  It doesn’t help me though and I am having to ‘walk’ which is fine as it is warm, but its not always convenient.  Had to drive this morning as I could not face all the hassle getting ready to walk involves, (moving car, getting scooter out, having to be ready earlier) but will have to do it later and apparently Emily has lots to bring home so I will be like a pack horse.

I need to try and get teacher bracelets done today, but not sure if I will be able to my coordination and concentration is all to pot, it was a real struggle to plait Emily hair this morning and last night I could not even tie a knot!  Another reason for missing quilting this morning, I think I would have sewed everything the wrong way round or sewed my fingers together!!

So all in all 🙁

Got some pictures of the biscuit decorating from Tues, the kids enjoyed it, but I found it very hard, especially as I had an appt later on in the evening which was very hard work.  I have been in bed before 9 most nights this week, last night I was in bed before Emily, but it does not help :-<

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