Final Countdown!!

Just 2 days of school year left.  Its very quiet at school today, think a lot of people have gone away already.  What is the point in having term dates if people make up their own?

Not much response from people about Emily’s playday.  I know a lot of people will be away or doing other things, but it’s rude just to ignore the invite, or am I just old fashioned?

Got the teacher bracelets made and sent to school today, forgot to take photos as in a rush as ever.

Apparently the royal baby is on its way, the world will go mad.  Much as babies are great and special it seems you cannot watch tv, read a book or magazine without some mention of babies, it drives me mad.  I feel sorry for anyone else who is expecting a baby at the moment as it will be over shadowed by the royal baby.

Well better get on and get some jobs done as there will be no chance once holidays begin.  Should really be saving my energy, but never much chance for that.

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