Last Day

Its the last day of term and my last day of peace and quiet for 6 weeks!

Hoping to get some more bracelets made and to tidy beads away as I don’t think I will get chance to do any during holidays unless Emily wants to join in.  When making bracelets the other day I did not have exactly what I wanted.  How can I have drawers full, but still not have combinations that I want 8-| I placed an order with Frampton Beads, hoping they arrive soon.

Feeling rather sick and dizzy and headache too, maybe its the weather, had thunderstorms this morning. Hope it dries out before school pick up, no car today so need to use scooter.

The royal baby is a boy, I am sure it will be in the news for weeks, feel sorry for the royals really they can’t have a nice quiet introduction to their baby.  I think all new parents should be left alone to get to know their, its a special time and everyone always wants to rush and see a new baby.

Well off to plan some bracelets, perhaps I should make a baby blue one!

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