Week two, or should that be weak too?!

Well its second week of school holidays, only done 3 days so far! I am worn out, in pain, feeling sick and dizzy, does not bode well for next 5 weeks!  But life goes on so I must keep going.

I was in bed by 8.30 last night and would have gone earlier if there had not been things to sort out.  I am really fed up of resting for around 2 hours each afternoon and then being in bed not long after Emily.  Rob and I have no life as a couple.

Craft is well and truly a dream at the moment, I managed one row of knitting last night, but it was too much effort, so my crafty side has to be content with looking at websites and kids craft.  I have just found a great site for Knitting will be saving the link.  We took Emily to messy church yesterday, a nice afternoon, but hard work for me, I hate feeling like that.

Wonder what today will bring?  Emily is at a friends this afternoon.

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