Vikings, Owls and tattoos!

We have been away.  Went to Berwick Holiday park.

It was good to get away from all the hassles and to see the sea.  Was exhausting though and some of the time I felt really ill and I am still really dizzy from the travelling, usually takes a couple of weeks to settle down 🙁

Emily and Rob enjoyed the activities on the park. We did some pot painting and went to Lindisfarne and Edinburgh. In Edinburgh we visited the museum of childhood and found a great place for lunch, not cheap, but gluten free and very friendly and helpful 🙂

The evening entertainment was very noisy, but Emily enjoyed it.  For a laugh we all had an air brush tattoo!



They are wearing off now, its ok for a bit of fun, but could not have a real tattoo.
Emily on turbo paddler
Emily weaving a bracelet with a Viking
lady on Lindisfarne at the Viking Raiders event in the Priory 
Emily and Rob in playground
Owl rescue on Lindisfarne
Will have to finish now feeling very ill again, the price I pay for doing too much 🙁

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    Love the pics, it is a shame that you have to pay a pain price after you enjoy the holiday.

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