Normal service has resumed!

Whoa, school is back.  Amazingly had a very calm getting ready and off to school, long may it last!  Emily really good, ate  breakfast, had shower and got dressed still with time to spare!!

Parking was daft as ever!  Gate open so went in car park, got too close to bushes turning round and a bit got caught in trim and pulled it off, just needs pushing back on properly! 8-|

Its a long walk to year 2, it was a struggle to get back to car, but I’ll get used to it I guess, year 3 is even further!!

I am exhausted and can feel it all creeping up on me now, need to rest for a bit before normal service for me resumes, probably about the time half term starts 8-|

I have lots of craft ideas in my head and want to get started on something, but finding it difficult to settle and focus, hopefully as we settle into a routine again I might find it a bit easier.  Right now I feel like I want to sleep for a week.

Here is picture of the anniversary card I made

Will update when I have something else to show, watch this space, might be a long wait though :-<

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