What should a Blog be?

When I started out I wanted this Blog to be a record of what I was making so I could see progress and display things I have made. But it seems more like a place where I moan and feel sorry for myself which is not what I want to do and its not nice for people to read.

There is a lot going on and I am not able to focus on my craft as much as I want to as every day life is taking all my time and energy.  There are issues that I cannot write about on a public site that are having an impact of the way I feel and I just end up looking as if I am feeling sorry for myself, which I guess I am.

Should I try to refocus, should I give up Blogging? What is the best used of my little time and energy?

I can hardly type at the moment, spending more time deleting than typing so I guess I should not be doing this right now, I am so tired and in a lot of pain, not a good place to be, but plenty of others manage.  I will finish now before this becomes another moan.

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  1. Sarah Eliza Reply

    I think a blog should be whatever you want it to be. If it helps you to write about something then do it. I read lots of craft blogs – some are just about the sewing, and some are very personal. And I like to read both types.

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