Bead fair

The Autumn beads, bead fair is coming to Leeds again.  Unfortunately I won’t be able to go, I missed last year too 🙁 Not going will save me a lot of money though and stop me getting overwhelmed with more ideas, but would be nice to look round.

Well the day has not improved much, my pain is crazy and I am so dizzy.  Not able to collect Emily, makes me very sad, but a relief not to have to try and drive. The exercise will do Emily good, but I am sure she will have plenty of energy left when she gets home.

Spent much of the day laid down and trying to rest, dosed with painkillers and heat pad for the pain.  Its not very restful though as my mind never rests, I wish it had an off switch.  I have been reading.  The book I am reading I have read before, but could not remember what happened so have kept reading it.  Its one of 2 books I bought on holiday, the first one I gave up on it was total rubbish and then this one which I then found I have read before, I will have to resist temptation in future, but the charity shops do well out of me!!

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