Big mistake

I went to knitting class last night at Rivers meet.  Got some great tips and help from Barbara, but I feel so ill today.  It has taken me ages to get around to going as I knew it would be hard.  All I had to do was watch and listen and there was only me.  Seems my instincts were right, but has not stopped me saying I will go again in 2 weeks.

I am very run down as it is and really should not be doing more than basic every day things, but I feel so useless and fed up if I do that.  I am really exhausted and not coping well and I think I try to do more to try and ignore how bad I feel and to stop my mind wandering!  I would love to be able to go to the respite place in Scarborough, I have not been for over a year, but there is not the time and it is not fair to Rob and Emily. 

Had to get D to take Emily to school as I feel too dizzy and ill to drive.  Feel bad for not being able to take Emily to school.  I am struggling at the moment anyway and I suppose it was silly to go out, I am always saying no to Emily but did something for myself that can’t be right.  Not sure what to do or how to cope, can’t stay in bed all the time 🙁  Emily was quite happy and she got to walk to school, she wants D to pick her up too!

Cannot write any more at the moment have to go and rest whether I like it or not.

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