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I think that trying to get website up and running again is too much.  When I used to make things I was not doing anything else, now I feel like life never stops.  Rather than scrap it altogether maybe it is worth starting from scratch and making it mainly my blog and gallery of things I have made and if a few people like things I they could contact me and I could make a few things like jewellery and cards.  Probably first step is to start making things for my own use (cards and presents) and for family and friends who want things.  If they pay I cover some costs, if not does not really matter, they only need to pay if I have to buy new stuff especially.  I have to realise that I am never (?) going to be able to make enough to have a viable business even a very small one as my ME is too limiting and I still have everyday events to deal with. My energy and focus has to be on Emily, even though she is very independent now caring for her is never easy and keeps throwing up new and exhausting challenges, it makes caring for a baby look easy, at l;east they don’t argue, throw tantrums and have high expectations of your parenting abilities!  And at the moment Emily is sleeping worse than she did as a baby, I was blessed with a very easy baby and also forget how much help I had and expect to be able to do everything now.

Today I feel terrible, I have had no sleep and was up in the night very upset.  I am sure my husband was really impressed at me waking him up too!!  Consequently today I am in a lot of pain and feel so sick and dizzy.  Thankfully I have finally arranged to be able to take and collect Emily by going through school building instead of trailing all the way round, it was having an impact on my pain.

Many of my symptoms are worse at the moment and I am quite worried about the numbness and tingling which I get in my hands, face, legs and feet.  I discussed it with my GP a while ago and she check my Vit B levels which were ok, but I never went back, mainly because there is not much she can do about it.  It does seem to be a recognised ME symptom, but I am finding it more of a worry now so have an appt, but its not for another 2 weeks.  There is only one Dr who will see me, so I have to wait a long time to get an appt with her.  My pain, dizziness and tinnitus are very bad too, probably due to extra fatigue.  The other scary symptom is my heart pounding, especially when I try to rest, its awful and makes me very anxious and short of breath, and makes rest impossible.  I need to get that checked out too.

Well its now time for the dreaded school run.

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