Cute projects- updated

Got some links for very cute craft projects today;

Baby snowman

Baby Gingerbread

Baby Santa

How great are they?

This is a quick simple idea, more my sort of task.

I love this quilt, colours and theme that I love

I was saying to Emily the other day that I have quite a few bits of fabric with cats on and that we should find a pattern to make a patchwork cat, just seen this one

which looks quite basic, but was the sort of thing I had in mind. Also found this great top, shame it’s in the US and this too and another!

As you might be able to tell I am wasting time on the computer.  Feeling pretty wiped out today after school strike day yesterday and a knitting class in the evening!  Feel like I want to sleep for a week.  Barbara at the knitting class had tied in all the ends on the piece she had taken, I had only managed a few on mine and bless her she has taken that one too.

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