Plodding along

Its been a week or so of just plodding along and keeping up with what needs to be done, but not a lot else.

Started Christmas shopping online and got quite a few things, but still not managed to make anything yet!
On the craft front I have finished the hand sewing on my orange peel blocks for quilting class on Fri, but not machine sewed together yet.  Done a little bit more stitching on the birthday card.  Finished making pockets for Emily’s Advent hanger with her, but now I need to hand stitch them all on!  My knitting has not been touched.  I am frustrated as I want to settle to these things and get them finished, but it seems too much effort, I feel pathetic 🙁  I am not lacking inspiration just time and energy!
Been spending most of the time, I am not get routine things done, online just browsing ideas, but never putting any of them into practice as it takes too much time and energy and I lack the confidence to put the ideas into practice as well.
Rediscovered Docrafts which has a good site and magazine.
Maybe I should have a to do list or a want to do list!!
  • Stitch on Advent pockets
  • Make bracelets and earring for presents
  • Make bracelets for Operation Christmas child
  • Sew quilt block together
  • Continue with knitting
  • Finish stitched card
  • Make hanging tidy for Emily’s room ( something like this)
Have just reserved Cute and Easy quilting book at the library to add to Sewn toy tales that I requested yesterday.

Saw Dr last week about the numbness and the palpitations, it looks as if they are both ME symptoms.  Dr requested an ECG just to be sure and it was fine, which is reassuring.  I just have to live with the symptoms now.

Well had better get on and do my online grocery order or we will be going hungry next week!

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