Slow, but sure!

Amazed myself today when I managed to make my appliqué block at quilting class.  Thank you Sarah for your patience and for letting me loose on your machine 😀  Thank you also to the lady who brought gluten free cake, it was lovely and very kind of her to think of me.

I do have a tendency to try and rush through things as my time and energy is limited, but they I end up doing things again or not being happy with them which is also a waste of time.  I am always telling Emily to slow down and take her time with things, maybe I need to take my own advice!

So I went from this

to this 
Next I have my pieced cat shape to do, it looks complicated, but hopefully it will fall into place, SLOWLY!
Sarah asked us if we wanted to make something for Christmas next time and showed us some great ideas.  I liked them all, but think I have plumped for making a placemat for Emily.  Hoping to go to Patchwork garden to let Emily chose some fabric she likes, but without telling her what it is for :-$  Some of the ladies are going to make table runners.  I like the idea, but it would not be finished for Christmas, maybe next year, or the next or the next 😉
Sarah showed us some nice card ideas too, but don’t think I will have time, still not finished the birthday one yet, not long to go and did want to do a 90 one as well, but not sure there is time.
The one I liked best, looks more complicated than it is, but still not sure there is time.
Might make a few button ones, along these lines.  They are simple but effective.
Down side of the class was that I was concentrating so hard and had driven and walked to get to class, that I could not settle to rest, so am now starting to feel rubbish from it and its almost school pick up time 8-| and then the weekend 8-| 8-| #-o

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