One down!

Finished one of the things on my list, the 1st birthday card, will post pics after the event.  I have now started a 90 using same pattern from Ann’s paper art presented in a different way to the picture.

I collected a couple of books from the library for patchwork ideas, I am still looking for a cat, but have got a cute caterpillar and mouse in Sewn Toy tales and the pocket hanger in Cute and Easy Quilting.

As ever I keep seeing ideas and have more ideas than time and energy.

Feeling yucky at the moment after a busy weekend with family and a hectic night last night with Emily having a friend to play and then parents evening.  We tried to make Halloween cookies but the colour did not take very well so they just looked pale mottled colour, they were quite pretty actually and I am told they tasted good.  Wondering if painting the food colour on might work better than trying to mix it in.  The kids had fun anyway so that’s the main thing.

Well my gluten free pasta dinner is nearly ready so I had better get to the table.

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